Three Included Themes


The Madfolio add-on comes with three highly customizable themes. The Standard Theme, the Flat Theme and the very flexible Blank Theme.


Responsive & Dynamic Grid Layout


With the integrated Isotope Jquery library, all items on your website will be nicely organized in a responsive and dynamic grid. Your content will look great on all devices - phone, tablets and desktops! 


Just resize your browser now, to see it in action!

Two Page Types


A good portfolio need two different types of pages! One to give the visitors an overview about all your work or products - and one for the actual content. Madfolio provides both types and lets them interact in a smart way.


The page-list page automatically generates a filterable and sortable overview, including thumbnails, of all your work with minimal setup. It extracts all the needed information from your actual content pages and sets up the navigation,  the filters and the sorting automatically. You just have to take care of your content! 


The content page contains all your project related media and text distributed to multiple blocks on the grid.

Integrated Tagging System


Each content page has a pre-installed "Types/Tags" attribute. Just tag your work and Madfolio generates a set of related pages with the same tags to show up below your project. The page-list pages as well extract these tags to create the filter menu.

Filtering & Sorting


Just tag a page with some keywords and your parent page list automatically displays a set of filters based on your tags. 

Attribute-Based Content


Every project/product is described by (optional) attributes, for example the title, the date, a description, the credits, a video, some images and some tags. Madfolio makes it very easy to manage these attributes and generates the content based on your input.


Aside from the attribute based content input, the C5 in-context editing is also fully supported!

Highly Customizable


All included themes have various options for further customization.

The "Standard Theme"


The "Flat Theme"


And the fully configurable "Blank Theme"



You can even define a unique color scheme per project! This is done via the page's attributes in the properties panel!


Multiple Areas


In addition to using attributes to add content to your pages, Madfolio provides a lot of different areas for placing blocks - global (appears on every page) and local (appears on current page only).


Block Templates


To make sure that Madfolio is fully compatible with all the standard Concrete5 blocks, the package includes a set of customized templates.