The Page List

The MADFOLIO PageList page type is useful for any page with subpages and can also be described as a "category page" or an "overview page".


This page type automatically creates a filterable and sortable list of child pages and also displays some extra data (title, subtitle, thumbnail and date) of every child page as a kind of "preview".


No block needed!

Exclude from Nav
Exclude from Page List
Exclude from Search Index

These options control the visibility of the current page on other pages and the search results.


PageList Style

The PageList Style defines the type of your generated page list.
A thumbnail, the title and the subtitle always get displayed.
There are four options available:

All pages are included. Ideal for your homepage.

Only direct child pages are included. The date of the child pages shows up in the format M D, Y.
The first 300 characters of the "Text" attribute are outputted as well. Useful for blog posts or news pages.

Only direct child pages are included. From the date only the year get displayed.

Only direct child pages are included. As the date the year and the month get displayed. 


Maximum Items per PageList

Defines the number of displayed pages.


Hide Filters

When activated, no filtering and sorting is available.

There is Also a Block Template


All page lists are sortable by date (new to old) and by alphabet. In case you don't like this behavior, you can use the included Madfolio template for the standard C5 page list block.