What is Madfolio?


Madfolio is a portfolio builder for the Concrete5 Content Management System. It combines a responsive grid based layout with C5's structure and powerful admin panel, creating a fully customizable portfolio without any knowledge of coding. Madfolio has an integrated smart tagging system which allows your work to be filtered and sorted by the visitors to create an easy to navigate website. Because of the fully customizable CSS, Madfolio can easily become the perfect canvas for your design.


Check out the live demo!

Is Madfolio for You?


Madfolio is made not only for presentation, but also for a smart organization of your work. It supports all kinds of media one could need in order to present design related works and creative output. It requires no prior knowledge of web-designing due its customization interface in the back end. 


Madfolio was developed to just work! It runs smoothly on all devices and all current major browsers, making sure that your work is presented in the best possible way. It takes care of all the little things like preloading and image thumb-nailing.


Madfolio heavily uses C5's attribute system. Inserting your project's data is therefore very easy and efficient. Madfolio takes care of the organization, creates image galleries, groups related content based on tagging and sets up your navigation - automatically.


Basically Madfolio lets you have the website you want without the cost of a web designer.

What are the Main Features?


Madfolio comes with lots of awesome features that allows your work to be presented aesthetically and professionally. The built-in Isotope layout library displays your content in a fully responsive grid-based layout.

  • Automatic filtering and sorting system
  • Pre-installed search bar and results page
  • Fullscreen image galleries are generated by default
  • Every content page can have its own color scheme
  • Three ready to use themes are included

Find out more about all the features here! See it in action here!

Big thanks to Michael Schoner, Studio DMTW and Vis Avia for providing their work as sample content!